The feel-good fashion

On clothes:

Ever since I was a child, I always had a certain garment in my wardrobe that would make me feel a lot of good things: smart (or at least smarter), stylish, edgy – although these were not the terms I would have used at that age, but the feeling was equivalent – and, also important, good-looking. The first of such items I remember was a knee length, A-line, tweed skirt with a plaid motif in navy blue, deep green and grey. The irony is that this was one of the 3 skirts I owned (in total) until I was about 11. I was a jeans and T-shirt tomboy, but this particular skirt always made me feel like I could be better than I was, and not in a contemptuous way but like an inspiration.                                                                       Throughout the years I’ve had many (and it’s good to have more than one at any given time) pieces of clothes that felt like a friendly wind in the back in daily sailings through life. My current garment préféré is this white linen shirt that I bought in Zara this past summer. This is a shirt that looks cool pressed or wrinkled, under sunshine or in rain, at work or on a boat. Surely, it was love at first sight and it’s still going strong.


Heard this on the radio today…


I heard the following story-joke on the radio today and it made me laugh so I decided to share. It was in the ‘jokes’ segment, so unfortunately there is no authorship attached to it. I hope you find it funny, too.


My wife and I got ready to go out and celebrate our anniversary tonight. When we go out like that for a few hours, the cat stays outside in the backyard and then we let her in when we come back. It’s been like that for years and, by our standards, it’s normal and safer for our 2 little parakeets that stay indoors. So, we were all set to leave, the cat was out scratching the old cherry tree, the cab waiting, and just as I was closing the door the cat slipped inside and ran out of sight. I asked my wife to wait in the cab while I went back to get the cat. My wife, not wanting the cabbie to think that the house will be empty for a few hours (extreme thinking, I know) told him that I went back in to check on her mother, i.e. my mother in law. In the meantime, I found the cat, let her out and then finally got in the cab. I said “Sorry for the wait, the damn beast was hiding under the bed. I had to poke her in the butt with a hanger to chase her out, and then she ran to the kitchen. I grabbed her by the neck but she tried to scratch me, so I rolled her in a blanket and took her out. She is now in the backyard. She calmed down, but I hope she does not poop on the doormat at the front door like last time.”  Only later I understood why did the taxi driver give me a weird look, while my wife was covering her eyes in shame.


The velvet cape

There is something so mysterious about wearing a cape! Every time I wear this one – black velvet, length just above the knees – I feel like an actor on stage. Often so, I act like one too which, I admit, is quite fun. So, yes – cape – highly recommended!



The Dress, part II: Dolce-Gabbanization complete!

Bringing a bit of panache to a dress that I bought for some $8.99 a few years ago, and never wore because it was ill fitting and drab. Why did I buy it, then? Because it had a potential to be refashioned into something interesting and wearable. And here it is: the inspiration, the old dress, and the new dress: now Dolce-Gabbanized!




The dress before





The dress after

Halloween inspiration: Venice masquerade!

I was going to do a Charlie Chaplin – even bought a bowler hat – but last Saturday as I was browsing a Michael’s store (arts and crafts) I came across this hot pink mask, tried it on – and, well – completely forgot about Charlie and decided to do Venice. But you know, that’s how love works :) I am now completely infatuated with this ‘Mascara Veneziana’ costume project as it is fun to do and surprisingly inexpensive! Things I have: – Mask ($4.99) – Hat…old colonial hat that I found in the garage – Big, long skirt – Puffy tulle skirt I bought for my niece but forgot to mail it (across the pond) Things to do: – Decorate hat with spare fabric – Make petticoat (bought tulle for $8.00) – Buy long evening gloves (maybe) Tonight I will start putting things together and take a picture for a preview. Full costume due on Halloween!