Dream dress! (or skirt…)

dress rucci                                         Chado Ralph Rucci – spring 2013 rtw…                                                                                             

…totally ready-to-wear :)

Zorba vs Giovanni Drogo

Some movies and books can be quite dangerous in terms of making you evaluate your life and act upon it. The movie Zorba The Greek and the book The Tatar Steppe (auth. Dino Buzzati) are a powerful cocktail of joie de vivre and waiting to ‘vivre’ that I watched/read around the same time recently, and which still keep my mind slightly philosophically tipsy. I am thinking – don’t wait…find your madness!

polaroidMAKER_4_28_2015 3_33_39 PM

Zorba the Greek


My sewing machine should have been coughing because of the dust  it’s been collecting over the past few months! Today I put it back to work and this is the bag we made. I was really researching the shape for a similar bag I want to make but it turned out quite ok.

WP_20150409_20_25_26_Pro WP_20150409_20_27_19_Pro

Hawaiian vibes…

I opened the news today and came across this advice…and thought – well, okay.


So I am going to visit our local guitar store and look for a ukulele – they are not expensive either – at least the beginner ones!


The catch is, I will need the fine people at the store to restring it the opposite way and make the uku left-handed, and hopefully they can do that. Very excited about this as I don’t play any instruments and always wanted to learn one! Ukulele has a good reputation of being easy, or relatively easy to learn, so we’ll see how this ‘plays’ out!

This a super ukulele cover of “Living next door to Alice”: