Hawaiian vibes…

I opened the news today and came across this advice…and thought – well, okay.


So I am going to visit our local guitar store and look for a ukulele – they are not expensive either – at least the beginner ones!


The catch is, I will need the fine people at the store to restring it the opposite way and make the uku left-handed, and hopefully they can do that. Very excited about this as I don’t play any instruments and always wanted to learn one! Ukulele has a good reputation of being easy, or relatively easy to learn, so we’ll see how this ‘plays’ out!

This a super ukulele cover of “Living next door to Alice”:


I just spent 2 hours watching “Birdman”. Should have been outside watching birds instead.

I tried and I looked and I wanted – but I didn’t care about any of the characters, even though the media are mostly adamant that this is an exceptional movie and you know…wow. I thought ‘wow’ after Birdman leaped from the roof the first and then there he was again and the movie wasn’t over for another half hour or more. And when in the last scene his daughter (played by Emma Stone) rushes to the window to see if he jumped, and then smiles leaving the ending to us to figure out which ever way we want, I smiled too because the movie was over.  :)



Oh, my Blondie!


Do blondes have more fun? I don’t know, but they sure as hell should – at least the stubborn brunette ones, because it is so hard to achieve a nice blond, keep the hair healthy and avoid the brass…or some other weird color. Yesterday at work I came across Maria who now has unintentional purple lowlights in her blond attempt. A few weeks ago I tried to tone my own brassy yellow with an ash tone and ended up green. Green! Like a witch. When I woke up my son for school the next morning, he visibly flinched at the sight of me! By the way – green hair remedy, should you ever need it on your quest to blond: mix lemon juice and hair conditioner in a 2:1 ratio, apply to dry hair and leave it on for about 30 minutes; rinse and the green should be gone. Worked for me. After that, go have fun (more than you had as your old brunette self) because you seriously deserve it!

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